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On the hollow coil can be hand-made?

Hollow coil production should be around the air-core coil of the wire, and the other to have the development of hollow coil internal model. Hollow coil winding method: hand-wound, a simple tool around the system, and automatic equipment around the system. Small batch try to do can be hand-wound, and simple tools around the system, the manual winding around the wire on the inner mold clockwise or counterclockwise lap around the close, after the demoulding out, the pin neat , Then the foot tin treatment. Simple tool winding, to use the CNC winding machine, the number of turns and winding direction of the machine set, the wire fixed to the machine's internal mold, start the machine a few seconds to complete, and then stripping, the whole Feet of tin, in this way seemingly efficient, and mass production is not suitable, this method in the whole foot of tin on the two processes is a waste of working time. Want to high-efficiency large-volume production, it is necessary to use automatic winding equipment, efficiency is still relatively high, but the production cost is high, the machine debugging complex, requires a strong professional and technical capabilities, and debug a very cost Therefore, the method is not the best, only the most suitable for their own winding method, the following example with a simple step by step demonstration of hollow coil winding method:
1, preparation tools and materials caliper, enamelled round copper wire, iron pillar.
2, as shown below will be copper in the iron pillar on a circle around the system.
3, the coil stripping.
4, the hollow coil pin cut, hollow coil winding system is complete.
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