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Hollow coil winding machine What are the advantages?

product advantages
Automatic loading and unloading functions, easy to operate, set free, modular design, easy maintenance, precision tension control, quality guaranteed, stable and reliable performance, high repeatability, high rigidity of the cable guide, winding stability, No manual operation is required.
The main parameters
Spindle motor: Fuji servo motor
Number of machine axes: 3 axes (S, X, Y)
Spindle speed: 3000 r / min
Stop angle: ± 1 °
Adapt to the diameter: 0.02 ~ 0.5mm, according to the choice to 0.8mm
Cable width: 10mm (MAX)
Trim line accuracy: 0.01mm
Power supply: 220V / AC
Power consumption: 3KVA
Applicable pressure: 6KGF / c ㎡
Machine size: 1080 * 600 * 1200MM
Machine net weight: 200KG
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