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How to use and carry on the winding machine correctly?

To ensure proper operation of a winding machine, routine inspection and proper operation are important steps. First, an equipment manual should be established to record and review the operation and problems of the winding machine and start work. , Carefully check the table, cable guide and the main sliding surface, if any obstacles, tools, impurities, etc., must be cleaned, wipe clean, oil, carefully check the equipment moving body with or without new pull, , Check the safety protection, power supply, limit and other devices should be complete and intact, check the electrical distribution box should be closed solid, good electrical grounding, check the equipment, check the equipment is not damaged, Of the annex is good. Wire wheels, blankets folder, pay-off device, ceramic parts, etc. should be complete and sound, installed correctly, running idle running test is stable, with or without abnormal noise and so on. Although the above work is cumbersome, but can effectively determine whether the device is in good condition and prevent the occurrence of failure.
After inspection, if no abnormalities, then you can start the normal operation of the winding equipment, as the operator in the operating process also in strict accordance with the use of rules, there are many casual operations will be different degrees of damage to equipment, in use, Should be carefully operated, do not do nothing to do with the work. To leave the device because of things to stop, turn off the power, gas, should be carried out according to the provisions of winding process. Not allowed to arbitrarily increase the diameter, number of turns and winding speed. Not allowed to use the winding machine, winding shaft, mold clamping should be correct, not allowed to increase the handle with the method to increase the torque fastening molds, spindle and cable mechanism of mechanical speed, the mold of the loading Folder, alignment, etc. should be carried out after the parking, with protective devices to ensure that the equipment is abnormal after the operator's safety, are not allowed to dismantle the equipment on the security guards, winding machine, especially the cable screw and Wound diameter are not allowed to directly place tools, parts and other debris, pay close attention to the operation, such as the action failure, vibration, fever, crawling, noise, odor, bumps and other abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting , Can continue to work.
After the completion of the work should be properly shut down and clean, first of all electrical, pneumatic, etc. switch placed in non-working position, complete stop the operation of equipment, cut off the power supply, gas source, remove the process of winding in the equipment left on debris And so on, seriously the cable displacement mechanism, put the bobbin and so on refueling maintenance, carefully fill in the equipment manual record perfect.
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