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Classification and Introduction of Ring Winding Machine

Ring winding machine, also known as magnetic ring winding machine, is simply used to produce the winding loop inductance winding machine.
Currently winding in different ways, can be divided into three categories
A, semi-automatic ring winding machine
B, simple traction ring winding machine, also known as Crochet Winder
C, fully automatic micro-magnetic ring winding machine
Semi-automatic ring-type winding machine by the nose, fixture, base and other three parts, the so-called nose, is the winding group, clamping fixture is part of the magnetic ring, the base is the electrical control part, The diameter of the diameter can be divided into gear type, belt type, side slip type and round belt type; they are corresponding to a certain range of diameter, gear type diameter range (1.0mm-3.0mm) Mm-1.0mm), sliding side (0.06mm-1.0mm) around, but not on a machine to complete the round belt is generally only for fine diameter products (0.05mm-0.15mm) about the same The machine head in the replacement of different specifications of the storage ring before the ring can be applied to different diameter, winding different diameter products, while clamping fixture also has the appropriate range, generally a person operating a machine, of course, if the number of laps , That person can operate more than one, in principle, the storage ring in the magnetic ring hole through the work, so when the magnetic ring hole is small, even greater than the width of storage ring, that such products is not possible In this type of machine to complete, there is a common mode inductance, common mode inductance wire diameter arrangement has certain rules and requirements, diameter slightly coarse point (0.3mm or more) is also very difficult to achieve in this machine.
General semi-automatic ring winding machine on the following consumable parts need to be replaced frequently:
(1) storage ring, also known as steel (Shuttle), the head of one of the most important components used to complete the storage line and winding work; its quality directly affects the service life, indirect costs As well as the quality of the wound product.
(2) support wheel, also known as guide wheel, the number of different nose support wheel is not the same, its material and service life are directly related.
(3) fixture roller, the life of this component and the product of the wire diameter, size and material related.
(4) belts, edge slippers and other consumable components.
Ring winder after the purchase, according to the production of wire diameter, size, need to replace the different storage ring and support wheel, because the copper wire is always slide from the side of the storage ring, storage ring force uneven, after a certain After the time required to replace the storage ring and support wheel can continue to produce!
Traction crochet winding machine, the efficiency of such a winding machine is not much or obvious improvement, mainly by the jig wheel and cylinder with the work, mainly for coarse diameter products, the purpose of reducing labor intensity, the general number of laps Fewer products, the need to first appropriate length of the wire cutting system.
Automatic micro-magnetic winding machine, by the vibration plate, send line group, transmission group, clamping block and reclaiming group composition, as the name suggests, fully automated production, is no manual operation, by the magnetic ring feeding, winding and (0.05mm-0.25mm) with the biggest difference between the hand-wound products is that such machines once the debugging smooth after the machine can be fully automated, this section of the winding machine for micro-magnetic ring, diameter (10mm below) , The quality is relatively stable, and the power consumption does not require too much of the requirements, debugging and stability of the machine, one can take care of more than one, greatly improving the production output and quality.
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