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On the definition and classification of inductance coil

Definition of Inductance Coil
Inductance coil is a circle around the insulation in the tube, the wires are insulated from each other, and insulation can be hollow, can also contain iron core or magnetic core, referred to as inductance, said L, the unit has Henry (H ), Milli-Henry (mH), micro-Henry (uH), 1H = 10 ^ 3mH = 10 ^ 6uH.
Classification of Inductance
According to inductance type: fixed inductance, variable inductance. According to the nature of the magnetic guide: air-core coil, ferrite coil, core coil, copper core coil.
By nature of work: antenna coil, oscillation coil, choke coil, notch coil, deflection coil.
By winding structure classification: single-layer coil, multi-layer coil, the honeycomb-type coil.
Commonly used coil
1, single-layer single-coil coil is insulated with a circle around the circle in the paper tube or bakelite skeleton, such as transistor radios in the antenna coil antenna.
2, the honeycomb coil If the coil system, the plane is not parallel to the rotation surface, but intersect at a certain angle, this coil is called the honeycomb-type coil, and its rotation a week, the number of times the wire back and forth, often Called honeycomb winding is the advantage of small size, distributed capacitance is small, and the inductance is large. Honeycomb-type coil is the use of honeycomb winding machine to winding system, the more points, the smaller the distributed capacitance.
3, the ferrite core and iron core coil coil inductance size and whether the core in the air core coil inserted in the ferrite core, can increase the inductance and improve the coil quality factor.
4, copper core copper coil in the application of ultra-short wave range, the use of rotating copper core in the coil position to change the inductance, this adjustment is more convenient and durable.
5, the color code inductor color code inductor is a fixed inductance of the inductor, the inductance of the same method of marking the same color to the ring to mark the resistance.
6, choke ring (choke) to limit the AC through the coil called choke ring, sub-high frequency choke ring and low frequency choke ring.
7, deflection coil deflection circuit is the TV scan circuit output stage load, deflection coil requirements: high deflection sensitivity, magnetic field uniformity, Q value is high, small size, low price.
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