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Automatic winding machines and equipments
Automatic winding machines
For the automatic winding machine, the wire-shape object is wounded to the machine for the specific work piece. Applicable scope: electronic toy coil, electronic clock and watch coil, electronic gift coil, electronic lock inductance coil, mobile phone vibration motor coil, different voice coils for the earphone and horn, card reader coil, ID/IC automatic coin device coil, camera coil, digital camera zooming coil, laser head coil, special magnetic head coil, wireless and electromagnetism-free mouse and mouse pad coil, automatic coil device coil, hearing aid coil, attendance machine coil, solar energy rotating desk coil, solar energy rocker coil, coin detector coil and brushless flat motor coil and so on.
II. Overview
For meeting the requirements of high-efficiency and high yield, the automatic winding machine generally uses the multiple head linking design. Most of domestic factories refer to design of the machines imported from Taiwan and so on. The programmable controller is used as the control core of the equipment. Cooperating with the manipulator, pneumatic control elements and actuating accessories to achieve such functions as automatic wire arrangement, automatic winding, automatic wire cutting, automatically installing and removing the framework and so on. This type of machine has very high production efficiency, can greatly reduce demand for labor force. One operator can operate several such equipments at the same time, the production quality is fairly stable. The machine is applicable to the conditions with high yield requirements.
III. Speed adjusting mode
For adapting to the coil processing technology, the automatic winding machine needs to be provided with the main shaft speed adjusting function. For different processing types of the winding equipment, the configuration is also different. We are fairly familiar with these three kinds of main shaft motors, namely AC motor, DC motor and servo driving motor. The speed adjusting modes of these motors have their own characteristics. In the following, the equipment speed adjusting mode is described through combining with the winding equipment:
1. Speed adjusting mode of AC motor: This kind of motor itself does not have speed adjusting function. It requires realizing the speed adjusting function with the electromagnetic speed adjusting device or with additionally provided frequency converter. For winding equipment, the speed adjusting mode with frequency converter is fairly common. With the control system of the winding equipment, the frequency converter is controlled to make the motor to have speed adjusting function. This mode also has certain energy-saving effect.
2. Speed adjusting mode of DC motor: For DC motor, through converting the power supply to be AC power, DC motor can be driven for operation. Thus, DC motor is provided with DC speed adjusting board or brushless driver for driving and controlling the motor. The motor has small volume, and thus such motor is extensively used for small type winding equipments.
3. Speed adjusting mode of servo motor: It is a precise moving part and is applicable to the high-precision winding equipment. Such motor is used together with the special-purpose actuator for realizing closed loop operation and control. The greatest characteristics of this kind of motor are constant torsion and closed loop operation, and the motor can meet the high-precision coil processing requirement.
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