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Hollow and flat coils
Equipment advantage:
1. The winding equipment for producing the hollow coils is designed and manufactured independently by the Company. By referring to the design concept from Japan, the machine uses the servo computer for production control, and has long-term stability.
2. Presently, the machine and equipment for producing and fabricating the hollow coils have fairly higher accuracy and fairly complete functions. The applicable wound wire diameter is ∮0.1-∮2.8, the applicable wound wire inside diameter is ∮0.3-∮45, the applicable winding height travel is 100mm; winding precision: 0.01mm;
3. The machine and equipment are used for hollow coil inductances, and are applicable to winding round wire and flat wire. With micro-computer programming, different high-quality coils can be wound;
4. Wire paint removing device is additional provided with the winding machine and equipment, and automatic coil production is realized for the machine; from wire conductor, coil shell removing, tin plating, forming to bending, integrated forming is conducted.
Technical advantage
The Company has 8 hollow coil machine commissioning technicians. They have experiences of coil machine commissioning and production for more than ten years, have fairly richer practical experiences of calibration and maintenance of the winding machine and equipment and coil commissioning, exquisite machine commissioning technology and rich production experiences. These ensure the stability and uniformity in coil production, repair of the winding machine and equipment and upgrade of the machine and equipment.
Material advantage:
For the enameled copper wire, the Company has long-term cooperation agreement with Taiyi, Datong, Pacific, Rongxing, Jiateng and Songtian, and the delivery period of the supplied wire is ensured.
Processing mode:
The Company undertakes processing with supplied drawings and materials, wires of different materials and brands are provided for your selection.
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